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  • iTrials statistics Data-Driven Subrogation: Pre-qualified patients, medical histories, direct relationships with payers, BAA's - faster lead generation and processing than ever before, with no advertising. Reach out directly to pre-qualified patients based on all inclusion / exclusion criteria.
  • iTrials statistics Enterprise-class medical data sets: 120M+ patients (medical codes, providers, payers, compounds, labs), 5M+ providers, 95% US facilities, International Data, Media Markets, Ethnic Breakouts, U.S. Census Data, Lifestyle Data, and more.
  • iTrials information Value-based Healthcare Transition Planning
    Data aggregation and analytics to determine what changes need to be made - policy, purchasing, billing, crosswalk and fraud detection, and more.

Hagimo LLC is a consortium of data scientists, developers and medical professionals who are bringing the power of Big Data™ and Artificial Intelligence to the medical and subrogation verticals. By leveraging artificial intelligence, Big Data and blockchain technologies across one of the largest privately-held databases of medical histories in the country, Hagimo is creating new opportunities and disruptions in several verticals, including subrogation, value-based healthcare transition, and general analytics that aren't available anywhere else.

Hagimo, LLC is focusing on the following verticals:

  • Subrogation, Mass Tort, Multi-District Litigation - A multi-billion dollar industry, Hagimo is disrupting how eligible patients are identified and how payers can recoup more of their losses than ever before.
  • Human Clinical Trials - With more than 300,000 current clinical studies underway ( and the fact that more than 70% of all clinical trials enroll late or even cancel due to lack of qualified patients, the pharma industry desperately needs to solve the problem of "How do we find qualified patients for clinical studies?" Hagimo has partnered with clearinhouses and specialty networks, EMR vendors and hospital groups, payers and managed plans, and unified their patient base to provide direct access to high density medical providers who already have eligible patints in their practice. Find clusters of eligible patients, fine-tune your advertising dollars, or even work directly with providers, specialty groups, plans and other entities to place information and enrollment materials directly into the hands of eligible patients. Hagimo can provide the analytics, the contact information, even the outreach, from materials development to sending authorized agents to meet providers and practices where they are - and successfully engage them.
  • Value-based Care Transition Planning and Implementation - A federally-mandated tenet of the affordable care act, the transition to a value-based care model is required for all U.S. medical facilities in order to avoid significant fines and penalties. Hagimo has the data, the analytics, and the strategic partners to establish a long-term presence in this space.
  • Wellness and Lifestyle Services and Analytics - Nearly 70% of U.S. Citizens do not have a primary care physician or an organized medical record. Valued-based healthcare and the goal to reduce overall drug usage is creating a demand for more advanced service line offerings focusing on healthier lifestyles and living requirements. With the shortage of healthcare providers in the United States approaching 1M by 2020, the need for advanced services, automation, and AI assisted virtual healthcare will grow exponentially.
Current and near-term Hagimo offerings include:

  • Data-Driven Subrogation - Instead of shotgun marketing and advertising, Hagimo works directly with payers and providers to reach out to eligible patients directly, based on medical histories already contained in our data platform. With more than half a trillion data points on millions of Americans, assembling groups of patients who meet the inclusion and exclusion criteria of a mass tort takes minutes instead of months. [more information]

  • Value-based healthcare Transition Planning and Implementation - Hagimo LLC is uniquely poised to help implement and offer the nation's first complete value-based healthcare transition solutions. Working with a select group of channel partners, Hagimo LLC can trend facility, practice, and provider data, identify problems and opportunities as defined under the relevant portions of the ACA, and develop new procedures and supply chain strategies designed to maximize facility compliance with the federally-mandated transition to value-based care.

  • Deep Medical Analytics // United States and International Medical Data - With access to more than 120M patient histories in the United States and more than 300M patient lives across 12 (and growing) other countries, Hagimo LLC has access to the largest privately-held database of patient histories anywhere. Diagnoses, procedures, payer and out-of-pocket information, adjudications, labs and prescriptions, provider information, facility data, referral events, modifiers, historical data, patient, provider and facility locations, and more! All in a standards-conformal enterprise database cluster with our deep AI and GIS analytics overlayed. Access through a thin client interface, work with our professional services group, or simply access the API - it's never been easier to access hundreds of millions of patient lives.

  • HIPAA and HITECH Standards Conformal Design and Consulting - With more than 20 years of experience in developing standards-conformal platforms (we received our first 'third party' HIPAA conformal certification in 2006), Hagimo LLC remains current on HIPAA certification training, and all applicable standards compliance. Combined with real-world experience in developing enterprise scale data platforms designed for management of and controlled access to sensitive medical data, Hagimo LLC is uniquely qualified to save you time and money by working directly with your technology team, assisting them in every facet of standards-conformal development, from design through development and implementation.

  • Adverse Event Monitoring - With data covering more than half of the insured population of the United States, Hagimo LLC is able to monitor hundreds of medical compounds and devices in real time. Changes in incidence rates, co-morbidities, hospital visits, emergency room returns, adverse reactions, and other data can be refreshed constantly and reviewed by our automated systems. Trends that indicate significant variances from the general population are detected and potential problems identified months or even years before they become apparent to the medical community. Payers can adjust coverage and policies, pharma entities can review and revise formulations and designs, potential legal ramifications can be extrapolated and defined, and more. [more information]

  • Transaction Efficacy and Fraud Monitoring (FWA) - With more than 13 million crosswalks from nearly every payer, Hagimo's transaction analytics provide an unprecedented level of detail, speed, and automation in scanning all of your 835/837 transaction data. Catch mistakes and isolate fraud attempts before they affect your bottom line!

  • X12.835/837 Transaction Management and ETL - The industry's fastest X12.835/837 data importer and parser. Hagimo's X12Daemon v.1.1 is a low-level purpose-built hardware/software solution designed to parse and load bulk X12 data (835/837, 4010/5010, institutional/professional/dental) faster and more accurately than any other solution. Features include:

    • FAST -- built entirely in low-level native c, running on a scalable parallel-processing architecture, parses and imports hundreds of thousands of records per second.
    • Parse and verify hundreds of millions of transactions in minutes, with full parse and error reporting.
    • Import/Export bulk files to CSV/TXT, or directly to most relational databases.
    • User-defined tables and columns.
    • Automatic PHI wash / hash generation.
    • DeepParse™ technology catches invalid data and segments, and dumps errors to a separate file or table for review.

  • Distributed Architectures, Recursive Networks, Intelligent Agents - Hagimo's next-gen data management platforms are designed to provide access to disparate data without loading and centralizing it through an ETL process. Hagimo's intelligent agents can travel across networks, retrieve data, return it to a caller, and assemble it in real time; after the data is consumed, the agents release resources and disappear until the next request. Data remains in situ, normalized, and fresher than it could be after an extensive ETL process.

Hagimo, LLC is committed to bringing disruptive technology to several verticals in the near term (2021-2022). We're located in downtown Nashville, TN, with data clusters here and international data housed in Basel, Switzerland. We're small, flexible, nimble, fast, and we're building next-gen technology solutions right now. Please reach out to us for more information.

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