Adverse Event Monitoring

HaGiMo's Adverse Event Monitoring ('AEM') system constantly scans trillions of updated data points, searching for variances in incidence rates and co-morbidities in groups of patients that share a similar procedure or prescription history. Made possible by the depth of the longitudinal database and the AI-driven low-level parse and scan engines, the monitoring daemon can check thousands of compounds and devices across hundreds of millions of patient histories monthly, and generate flags and alerts when statistically significant variations from normal values are detected. This intelligence can have a profound effect on several verticals:

  • Subrogation - Adverse Event Monitoring and Isometry Analytics are a standard part of HaGiMo's Data-Driven Subrogation package. AEM analytics can reveal additional co-morbidities associated with a tort project, identify additional indicators in medical histories that can help find eligible patients, and more.
  • Payer Services - Knowing when and where the next Invokana or Mesothelioma are going to occurr can save payers many millions of dollars; advanced notice of problem compounds or devices can give payers a chance to adjust policies, payments, and crosswalks, saving millions in eventual claims payments made on faulty product lines.
  • Pharmaceutical Post-Marketing Surveillance - New compounds and devices typically cost more than $2B from conception to market; knowing when there's a problem - sometimes two or more years in advance - gives a pharmaceutical company time to make adjustments, research, plan for litigation and remuneration, etc. AEM analytics can greatly reduce losses, exposure, and PR damage associated with faulty compounds or devices in the marketplace by giving the stakeholders an opportunity to address the issues - before they become a matter of public record.

AEM-based business intelligence is based on Isometry Analytics, simple congruence mapping, where the medical histories of a group of individuals that share a common prescription or procedure are compared with the general population of more than 120M health histories. Trillions of data points and trillions more potential combinations, all parsed and compared on a supercomputing platform (parallel processing, thousands of processors) purpose-built to perform just one function: find the problems with these compounds and devices, and find them long before anyone else.

Work Products:

  • AEM Isometry Report - A one-off analytics detailing the variances inherent in one or more selected compounds or devices, going back up to 2 years1, with associated metrics and variances on each.
  • AEM Subscription - Select one or more product lines (compounds, devices, procedures, etc.), and receive monthly metrics on market penetration, usage trends, variances, and more. If a product demonstrates a variance above a critical incidence rate threshold, you'll also receive an alert with more information.
  • Full Variance Support Package (FVR) - In the event that a significant variance is detected for a compound or device currently being monitored, an FVR can be requested, which will contain de-identified medical histories, rendering and referring providers, patient locations and genders, ages, and other information. This data can be used to verify the results and perform your own analytics on the compound or device in question.
1. For reports over longer periods of time, please contact HaGiMo for more information.

The Adverse Event Monitoring service and associated analytics packages can make the difference between a minor PR gaffe and a multi-million dollar mistake - one that could have been avoided. A complete AEM / isometry analysis, whether applied to a single device from a small biomed or across the entire portfolio of a top 10 pharma represents a data-driven early warning system that identifies unforeseen issues associated with a specific product line, often years before anyone is even talking about it. This affords payers an opportunity to save millions of dollars in claims paid out based on defective products. The service and savings can drive more competitive rates to clients, offer a clear advantage over your competitors in the local, regional, and national marketplace, and have a direct, real impact on your ROI. Exclusive licensing is also available, based on specific vendors, devices, compounds, or families of devices and compounds, or across specific geographic regions, etc.

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